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Proof load testing
It is a legislated requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act(1974) that following any repairs or modifications to lifting equipment, the equipment is checked, proof loaded (where necessary) to certain predetermined specifications before being brought back into production. Our test houses is fully equipped to meet these specifications with resources. These proof load testing resources are backed by the British Standards and MSC Circulars Quality Assurance Scheme and are operated by fully qualified personnel.
We can offer non-destructive testing including:
Magnetic Particle Crack Detection
Dye Penetrate Crack Detection
Hardness Testing
Ultra-Sonic Testing
Gangway & Accommodation Ladder Testing Requirements
Gangways and Accommodation Ladders, including their associate winches and fitting, should be properly maintained and inspected at appropriate intervals, in accordance with the manufactures' instructions.

SOLAS Regulations 1/7 and 1/8 require Gangway and Accommodation Ladders to be examined and tested on a yearly and 5-yearly basis. At every five-yearly survey, upon completion of examination, the gangway and Accommodation Ladders should be operationally tested with their specified maximum operational load. All inspections, maintenance work and repairs of accommodation ladders and gangways should be recorded in order to provide accurate history of each appliance.

Why choose Solas Calibration Services for your Gangway & Accommodation Ladder testing needs?

We are well-equipped with the infrastructure, technical expertise, and experience to inspect and execute load testing of Gangways & Accommodation Ladder at our DG Shipping & Class approved service facilities/or on board vessels across all ports in UAE.